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The Coral Court by Kristi Stalter – Her Review on
Onyx Youth Magnet Mask


“Trust me, you will love this mask and the benefits that it comes with.” – Kristi Stalter

Kristi Stalter is quickly becoming one of the bloggers and social media darlings all the women are looking to for her inside tips on fashion, beauty and lifestyle tips. She also has a great shop on her blog where you can “shop” her insagram.

We love her review you can find on her blog below:

Another day, another face mask trend, right? But the latest craze, magnet masks, really works! The magnetic mask that I use is from Onyx called the Onyx Youth Magnet Mask. Onyx is so powerful because the iron-rich formula is removed with a powerful magnet that lifts impurities and rejuvenates skin. It is made in Korea which is basically where all of our beauty trends that work come from these days! The magnetic particles in the mask draw out impurities while stimulating circulation. The formula contains amino acids, antioxidants and fruit oils so it is safe for all skin types.

The mask consists of thick, creamy, and iron-based powder that you leave on then suck up off the skin with a magnet. That’s right – no water necessary. Plus, watching the particles jump off the skin is fascinating. The spatula and magnet provided are both sleek and made for those especially difficult and tight spots (meaning they’re a complete godsend for nose creases). You apply a thin layer to clean skin using the applicator. Then, you wait somewhere between 5-10 minutes.


After five minutes, the fun begins: You wrap the Magic Effector Tool with the cover that is in the kit and then glide it over your face. Then, the mask magically comes off. As I swept the magnet over my skin, the mask lifted off like magic, leaving barely any residue. There were, admittedly, a few granules left over, but we’re talking teeny-tiny bits here and there. You then massage any of the remaining product in your skin for even more benefits! It makes your skin feel super hydrated and smooth. Plus, I have to admit, it is fun to take the pieces off and look at what it left on the effector tool!


Trust me, you will love this mask and the benefits that it comes with. You can get your own by going here, and then use the code “bemagnetic” at checkout to get 20% off!

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