The Top 5 Korean Beauty Trends That Are Here to Stay

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Korean beauty trends have been dominating the beauty world for the past few years and have even been given the contemporary term “K-beauty”. With a surge of Korean skin care and makeup items gaining popularity around the world, most people agree Korea’s skin care knowledge and beauty technology are years ahead of anything else on the market. K-beauty trends are built with both innovation and an ancient knowledge of natural skin care. Let’s look at why people are raving about K-beauty products.


The best way to feel great inside and out is to get your hands on something luxurious. Aligning with the philosophy “pamper yourself”, K-beauty products often fall in the luxury category. For an unforgettable evening of pampering, pair a treatment with a nice glass of champagne, a bubble bath, and a super soft bathrobe.

Natural Oil Serums

Going back to the basics, K-beauty products have a strong foothold in the all-natural world as they are almost always made with organic ingredients and natural oils. Ancient beauty secrets from Korea steer products that smell sweet, rejuvenate skin and reverse aging without scary chemicals.

Magnetic Masks

You’ve probably noticed Onyx Youth’s Magnet Mask entered the market with rave reviews by bloggers and beauty experts and influencers. These masks are loved by many because of their ability to instantly lift away dirt, unclog pores and brighten skin.

In addition to lifting and brightening skin, the magnetic property of K-beauty masks provide an easy and fun way to remove the mask. Onyx Youth’s Magnet Mask comes with a magnetic wand to lift off the mask.

Volcanic Ash

While natural oils provide a rejuvenating edge to K-beauty masks and the magnet wand provides a clean way to remove dirt and oil, volcanic ash gives skin a luxurious anti-aging effect. If you still get an occasional acne flair up, try volcanic ash. It’s been used for hundreds of years to cleanse skin.

Filter Creams and Lip Products

Think about some of your favorite Snapchat and Instagram filters and how flawless they make your selfies look. That same concept is being used in the creation of  face creams and powder lip color in an attempt to have the makeup be the filter so instead of looking good in pictures, people can look that fantastic all-day long.

These filter effect makeup products are wonderful compliments to use with other K-beauty products like skin serums and of course, magnet masks. Think of masks as “pre-makeup” skin beautifiers and foundations and powdered lip stains as the way to top off a gorgeous look.

It’s official, K-beauty trends are here to stay. Do you have a favorite trend or K-beauty product that you like? Share in the comments below!


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