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Eunalift Firming and Lifting Serum
Under-eye results in minutes!
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Within minutes, Eunalift's unique formula delivers an immediate tightening and lifting effect under your eyes, face and neck. Quickly and effectively diminish the visible signs of aging. Scientifically formulated to restore skin’s elasticity with excellent hydration and a delicate, non-greasy formula that nourishes collagen-depleted skin.
Lightly dab serum across your entire forehead – not just the areas with lines.
Lightly dab serum on the entire under-eye area, from lower eyelashes to upper cheek, and from inner to outer corners.
For an instant “brow lift,” apply just above your natural eyebrow line.
Apply just under your natural eyebrow and around your eye; do not apply to your eyelid.
Gently pat a thin layer of serum for targeted lifting and tightening.
Facial Target Areas
It only takes a small amount of Eunalift to create amazing results. Within moments, Eunalift reduces the appearance of under-eye bags, fine lines, wrinkles and pores, and the effect lasts up to nine hours.

Main Ingredients

Eunalift is a lightweight, yet potent serum that visibly tightens and firms the skin's surface for a more youthful appearance. The revolutionary ingredient is a peptide that will instantly transform your skin. This unique combination of peptides infuse the skin with an exclusive, surface-filling technology that instantly firms, and lifts the skin. It also erases the appearance of dark circles and puffiness under the eyes. Eunalift rejuvenates the skin for a smooth, flawless, youthful, glowing appearance.
Combats age damage with intense skin renewing peptides that dramatically target lines and wrinkles.
A custom formulation that improves firmness and elasticity. Prevents puffiness and reduces the appearance of bags under the eyes.
Brightens and evens the skin's tone as well as corrects sun damage.

Frequently Asked Questions

I noticed Eunalift leaves a white residue on my skin. How can I fix that?
A chalky residue is the result of using too much of the product at a time. Remember, it only takes a small amount of Eunalift to see fantastic results. If you discover the product leaves a residue on your skin, moisten a soft washcloth or cotton ball with water and gently dab the area to remove it, and keep in mind that less is more when applying Eunalift in the future.
Why do I get a pulling sensation when I apply Eunalift?
If your skin is excessively dry or you have applied the product unevenly, you may notice that your skin feels pulled. If this sensation occurs, lightly dab the edges of the area with a moistened cotton swab to blend it more thoroughly, or add a small amount of serum to smooth out the edges.
Is Eunalift waterproof?
Exposure to water counteracts the effects of Eunalift. We do not recommend you use it before swimming or participating in other water-based activities, or if you expect to sweat excessively.
Can I apply it on areas other than my face?
Yes! Eunalift is very safe and effective to use anywhere on the body, including your neck and chest. People of all skin types enjoy applying Eunalift daily as part of their regular skincare routines, or whenever they want to look and feel younger!
How do you remove the product?
When you’re ready to remove the Eunalift serum, simply wash it off with a gentle cleanser, then rinse with warm water and pat dry.

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